Tree Surgery for Services

This operation involves tree removal leaving a stump at a pre agreed height. This is done by either a straight fell or dismantled if space and site conditions are restricted.
Crown Reductions
Crown reductions are a pruning technique used to reduce the height and spread of a trees canopy. This is done by removing the outer most edges of the crown and bringing the branches back to suitable growth points, still maintaining the trees natural shape as far as practicable.
Crown Lifting
Crown Thinning
Stump Grinding
Trees are often removed for a reason. But the stump is often forgotten about. We can remove the stump with the stump grinder and resoil to allow new growth by other plants. Also, the risks of soil borne diseases harboured by the stump, such as honey fungus which can kill your other trees and shrubs, can be alleviated by stump grinding.
Site Clearance
Removal of unwanted plant, trees, hedges etc. ranging from small domestic gardens to large sites for development.